Adrammelech's applause closed the previous Black Clover chapter. In the new appointment with the hit by Yuki Tabata, we discover the true intentions of the demon. Asta and the other magic knights are badly injured: will they survive? It's time for declarations.

The demon, having witnessed the battle without interfering in any way, has no intention of attacking the protagonists. Approaching the body of the lifeless Lucifer, takes possession of his heart. What he intends to do with it is still a mystery. Will he use it for himself or to revive his master?

As Adrammelech leaves the battlefield, Yuno realizes that triumph comes with a heavy price. The captains are all down, but it's two characters' conditions that bother him the most. Yami and Nacht are in mortal danger bleed to death if someone doesn't heal them in time. Desperate, Charlotte confesses her love.

Luckily, first Mimosa rushes to the place, and then Black Bull's others. Thanks to Charmy's magic, the healing Sorceress of the Golden Dawn is able to cast her healing spell. THAT Klee magicians are all alive and wellready to party.

Yami, now possessing the sword created by William Vangeance, finally entrusts his katana to Asta. Welcomed back to the Black Bull, Charlotte realizes with some embarrassment that Yami didn't understand what he said. A great story arc ends in Black Clover 330. It's time for peacebut maybe only for a short time.

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