Despite some controversy over the excessive scenographic effects of the auras, the ONE PIECE anime has been outdoing itself with amazing animation lately. However, this implies the availability of huge resources, e.g longer production times compared to those of a weekly series.

The anime series ONE PIECE has indeed gone on hiatus and the episode that should have been released on March 5, 2023 has been pushed to a later date instead. When will ONE PIECE resume airing? The viewers will also be left dry next week, like them Episode 1054 of ONE PIECE is scheduled to air on Sunday March 19th.

TOEI Animation's anime series is nearing completion Completing the Wano Arc, with Luffy now returning to Onigashima to fight Kaido for the last time. However, the next episode will not focus on the clash between the Straw Hat and the Yonko.

In ONE PIECE 1054, Killer and Kidd will be in the spotlight. Kidd faces Big Mom alongside Law, but is unable to bring out the best in himself as he is the victim of Hawkins' voodoo dolls while fighting hitmen. To settle matters, Kidd's second-in-command of the pirates ventures in Bet that could cost its captain's life.

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