A new Tenkaichi tournament was organized by the production of dragon ball. However, this edition of the legendary competition that Goku and the other Z warriors participate in several times throughout history has been played out on social media. Here is the winner of the official Dragon Ball tournament.

The Dragon Ball Secret Battle Hour has come to an end making the fighter of Akira Toriyama's work stronger and loved by the enthusiast community. But who is the winner of this knockout tournament that has brought together 16 of the most influential Dragon Ball characters?

It wasn't Goku and Vegeta who won the official Dragon Ball tournament. The two Saiyan warriors actually clashed with the in the second phase of the tournament Prince who managed to defeat his eternal rival. However, Vegeta's rise to power was stopped by Piccolo, a finalist on the left side of the board.

There The Dragon Ball Secret Battle Hour finale was fought between Piccolo and Gohan, the two great protagonists of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero who have amazed fans with new transformations and who will soon be in the spotlight of the Toyotaro manga series. TO wins the Dragon Ball Secret Battle Hour is Gohanhonored with an official illustration.

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