That third episode of Spy x Family arrived on Crunchyroll, currently exclusively for subscribers. After the marriage vows, the Forger family is complete. Loid, Anya and Yor you can therefore concentrate on the Twilight mission.

Spy x Family has been the focus of many controversies, but that's because of the powerful impact the anime series has had on the public. With the debut of Mission 3, the journey continues into the Spy comedy directed by Tatsuya Endo.

Yor moves into the forgers' house, where Anya gives her a warm welcome and shows her around the house. The two women of the house are then called back by Father Loid, who is focused on the mission. In order for Anya to have access to Eden, a school only the Ostania Elite have access to, the Forgers must undergo one family talk.

The Eden Commission is known for its rigor: you are very few who pass the test, which assesses not only ancestry but also the level of general culture. To ensure Anya gets accepted, Loid subjects the family to an interview similar to the Academy's. Preparations for the interview begin in Spy x Family. However, the first approach is bankrupt in every way.

At this point, Agent Twilight desperately decides to strengthen her bond with one family hike. But even then, bankruptcy is just around the corner. Only after a visit to the tailor shop and a family photo do the Forger family finally follow suit. However, it is only after an accident that causes it catch a criminalthat Loid, Anya and Yor finally trust each other blindly.

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