Black Clover: In the next few episodes, the Magic Knights will be involved in a great fight

There Black Clover animated series prepares for action-packed episodes in which Asta and the Black Bulls face a series of challenging fights. The anime is waiting for episode 148, which is currently only available to Crunchyroll subscribers. He fell victim to some leaks.

Twitter user @AniNewsAndFacts reported on the titles of the next Black Clover episodes from 150 to 153. According to the comments on the tweet, some of those episodes should be fillers. Episode 151, however it will be very important for all fans of the series.

Black Clover 150 is titled "The Challenge of the Maidens" while the next is titled "Clash! The Battle of Magic Knight". The Magic Knights will be engaged in this episode an uphill battle. The last two Leakkati episodes, 152 and 153, are each entitled "To Tomorrow !!" and "The Chosen".

The animated series from the manga by Yuki Tabata was supposed to end soon, but given its success, it is believed that this adaptation can go on for a long time. In fact, Black Clover will be one of the protagonists of the Jump Festa 2021. It is therefore believed that the Black Clover anime can continue even after the arrival of episode 154, previously dubbed the last in the series.

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