The bitter and desperate battle with Lucifer was finally won thanks to the strength of union and love. The decisive blow was struck by Asta, driven by the power of his devilish memories. Finally the magician of Black clover is aware of the turbulent past of love and her stepmother.

Many wondered whether Liebes's memories had also been transferred to Asta's head and whether he had actually suspected it this woman was actually his mother too. In Black Clover 331, users will find an answer to this question.

In the last chapter published by Yuki Tabata Before his long break, Yuno meets his real mother, the Queen of the Kingdom of Swords. However, this is not the only exciting scene in this chapter.

As well as the rival of Golden Dawn Asta now knows his mother's face. The young owner of anti-magic speaks openly with love, thanking the devil for allowing him to admire and hear his mother's words.

The auction reveals that He was never angry at Licita for leaving himbut knowing with certainty that his mother loved him filled him with joy. Due to her powers, Licita was forced to abandon the newborn Asta, but the protagonist could not know this. So it was only thanks to Liebe's memories that the Black Bull wizard was sure have always been loved from his mother. With this new awareness, Asta promises to fulfill his dream of becoming Clover's Magical Emperor. However, there is no time for sentimentality. Black Clover's big reveal brings us to the final showdown, but not before a three-month hiatus.

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