While the manga goes on, the anime is Black clover he tries temporarily to distance himself from the chapters prepared by Yuki Tabata. In fact, while production continued, the adaptation had gotten too close to the latest comic book stories. Because of this, the Black Clover anime has been telling filler stories for a while.

These will apparently take a while. A fan had asked Black Clover's official English page on Twitter when the new anime story arc would arriveprobably in hopes of a conclusion to the original stories and a return to the adventures of Yuki Tabata.

The official account replied to the post, which tweeted revealing that a new narrative sheet for Black Clover will arrive next week. However, this will again be filler, but that has also been added Yuki Tabata helped produce the anime when preparing the next story. In this way, Black Clover, while not being 100% author, is partially returning to the tracks that are being followed by the mangaka.

The Black Clover anime continues to be a hit, especially in the West, where it helped Crunchyroll hit its user record alongside Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations.

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