In Black Clover 344, we were left with the Paladins' impending attack on the Land of the Sun and five of the Seven Ryuzen stand ready to defend the land ruled by the Ryuya Shogun. The battle is about to begin, but Asta is deep in thought.

Out Sunday, December 4 at 5:00 p.m. on MangaPlus, the Black Clover 345 spoilers. The next chapter of Yuki Tabata's manga series begins with a flashback where Ryuya senses the presence of enemies in the Land of the Sun and orders Ichika to collect four more Ryuzen. The Shogun forces Asta to step aside and complete his training with the two remaining Ryuzen.

Back in the present, Asta stands no chance of defending the self-proclaimed strongest Ryuzen. The warrior of the Land of the Sun reveals that he intends to join his companions in defending against the Paladins, but that he will carry out Ryuya's command. He goes on to explain that it's clear why the Shogun is so into Asta, but that theAsta's hesitation it hinders its movement and learning of the tents.

Asta isn't focused on training. He hesitates because that's how it was unable to save Sister Lily and why defeat at the hands of Lucius still hurts. His thoughts then wander to Yuno and his achievements as his friend is always one step ahead of him. auction he is certain that Yuno would have saved Lily on that occasion.

Then the chapter continues Battle between the three Paladins and the five Ryuzen. One of the Ryuzen, Lady Kezoukaku, manages to cut off Sister Lily's horn, closing Black Clover 345. Will Asta overcome his trauma and be able to jump into battle to save Sister Lily in the next chapters of Black Clover?

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