As a male and female protagonist of Black clover, Asta and Noelle are expected to come together at the end of the manga, perhaps after a time jump of several years. The couple seems almost established by the author, who was able to show them at the end of the story, as is now common in various Shonen manga of this form.

Asta, we know he’s infatuated with Sister Lily, the girl who took care of him and the other children in the orphanage, but Noelle? In the course of Black Clover he has made it clear again and again that he feels something for the protagonist, even if without ever admitting it. During the manga’s final battle where Megicula arrives in the real world, Noelle is seen with her back to the wall. Asta saved her, however, and that was enough to make several things understandable to the Black Clover heroine.

While Charlotte and Rill are busy, Noelle uses all her energy to launch one final attack in Black Clover 301, but at the same time realizes her true feelings for Asta. In an internal monologue and therefore not publicly announced, Noelle admits that she is Asta. loves and that it is enough for him to have him by his side to have the strength to go on.

Things will more specifically between the two after the fight against Megicula?

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