In the early 2000s, spinning tops from the land of the rising sun became very popular. These were quite particular, with a structure composed of several layers and were launched through a magazine. They were i Beyblade, who became famous following an anime aired on Mediaset several times.

We all know the anime produced by Madhouse who left with Takao who met the Bit Power Dragoon and with whom he began Beyblader's career. Over the years there have been several continuations with new characters and plots. But what was the first season that was brought to Italy in 2003 from?

As often happens in Japan, Beyblade's anime was taken from the Explosive Shoot Beyblade manga. The Beyblade chapters were published on CoroCoro Comic, a kodomo target magazine (children under 11 years old) of the Shogakukan house and famous for hosting several PokΓ©mon series. The stories were written and illustrated by Takao Aoki who, in turn, was not the original creator of the whole project.

In fact, the spinning tops had already existed before and the manga had the sole purpose of sponsoring toys. THE Beyblades were in fact created by Takara Tomy in mid-1999 who proposed toys as customizable tops. Nowadays they are still in production thanks to Hasbro.

Beyblade Burst Sparking has started from the spring season, a new anime dedicated to the franchise and one of the many projects related to Beyblade coming in 2020.

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