The exciting story of Berserk still has no peace and constant serialization, victim of the numerous pauses of its author Kentaro Miura. However, the upcoming release of the new edition of the magazine brings another piece of unpleasant news for the franchise: the manga is on hiatus again.

As the first spoilers of chapter 361 promised the magazine Young animals has not given a release date for the next edition of the manga confirming another hiatus for the series. In fact, after a few months of waiting, the work was back with an exciting release in which Miura finally took advantage of it to reveal the origins of the berserk armor, which was also accompanied guts in his crazy adventures looking for a cure for caska.

Insider Manga Mogura has confirmed in the last few hours that there is no reference to Berserk in the upcoming publication of Young Animals magazine, which is inevitably unlikely to appear in the magazine for the entire month of August. This is unfortunate news for all fans of the saga who have to wait a few weeks again before they can discover the events of the saga Chapter 362.

And you, on the other hand, how long will the break be this time? As usual, let us know what you think in the area reserved for comments. To make the wait easier, we recommend checking out this great Griffith cosplay made using a specific technique.

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