The Elfhelm saga set on the island of elves is nearing its end. After a long, year-long release, this phase is the berserk He did not see the term in the hands of Master Kentaro Miura, but thanks to those who picked up the torch after his death. As previously announced, Studio GAGA and Koji Mori have completed the story arc.

You do it with the Chapter 371 of Berserker, which revisits the dark moment of Gatsu, horribly struck by the defeat suffered by an increasingly divine and transcendent Griffith. After landing on the island of elves, the White Hawk kidnapped Caska and left while the fantastic land sank into the depths of the sea. In the ship, no one has access to the cabin Gatsu is in except Shierke, who however, thanks to his magic, manages to access the Black Knight's memories.

THE Memories of Gatsu and his sword they appear in the mind of the sorceress, who, however, is forced to leave her body and return due to the great barrier of dark thoughts of the protagonist of Berserk. Meanwhile, the island is sinking more and more and in its place appears a sea whirlpool that seems to want to swallow everything. But the ship seems to continue on its course without any problems.

The scene changes to completely different places, to the capital city of Falconia, where a group of characters are waiting on the walls. Watching the horizon is the Shaman Sonia, who warns everyone of her return: Out of the clouds appears the form of Zodd the Immortal with Griffith on his back and a still unconscious Caska in his arms. The White Hawk has returned to his homeland, End of the Berserker Elf Island saga. What will be the fate of Caska?

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