The first leak that had leaked on the web in the past few days had confirmed a bad feeling for the fans or a new break for the manga at the end of Chapter 361. Anyway, the last episode of Berserk opens the door to new possible developments.

Although many fans are disappointed with the manga, mainly because of the irregular serialization through Kentaro Miura, the epic of guts It still fascinates thousands of readers around the world today. And so Chapter 361 begins with the expected comparison between the protagonist and the Skull knight.

The latter reveals to the black swordsman that he accidentally reached him, words that leave the protagonist amazed. Gatsu then uses it to thank him for all the advice the knight has given in the past, and does not let a gesture of anger escape because he can still become whole except for one eye and one arm. The skull invites him to pay attention again, since the randomness has not yet reached the peak of its concentration. The dialogue is interrupted by Gedflynn who turns to the mysterious man under the name “Her Majesty”, except to come back immediately afterwards, but not before surprising the black swordsman again.

The knight turns to Gedflynn and recognizes him as the son of I give you, a man who often accompanied him to official events. The oldest adds that he has spent his time as an overseer in this village since then. Gedflynn is indeed part of a temporal flow in which the Time flows differently compared to people. The old man then suggests that the two of them go to them Hanarr, the dwarf blacksmith and builder of the armor of Gatsu and the knight of the skull.

The scene continues Molda decides to help Schielke Learn to fly on the magic broom. During their flight, the two witches notice Gatsu when he goes with two characters and decides to follow him. If they follow them and fall in the air, the atmosphere changes and darkens until Molda reveals to the new apprentice that this place is where their teacher lives and then uses it to explain to them that it is standing figures are residues from a previous battle. After a short fight with the Moldavian teacher, they venture into a kind of stone forest, where they are forced to continue on foot.

In the meantime, the trio finally reaches Hanarr, who cannot avoid turning to the skull knight under the name “King”, with a joke about the skeletal features of the mysterious man. The dwarf later turns to Gatsu and is astonished to see that he sees the armor he created himself. He uses this to warn the new legitimate owner that although he can now use this armor without limits, however, it can be devoured. Hanarr decided to test it directly and hit Gatsu’s protection with the hammer, which immediately transformed.

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