One of the most famous science fiction products of the past few years is Stein's gate. The project started with the visual novel but got so famous that it was turned into anime and manga with films and sequels. A sweeping popularity that led the franchise to celebrate its tenth anniversary during this time.

And for the 10th anniversary of Steins; Gate, big projects seem to be on the horizon. The fansite Kiri Kiri Basara, which focuses exclusively on the science fiction series, reports on a few words from the CEO of Mages, Chiyomaru Shikura. The executive confirmed that one of the planned surprises is Stein's anime, gate freefollowed by the manga.

The CEO made that promise, but at the moment it is unknown which episodes and chapters will be involved, or if the entire anime and all of the Steins; Gate manga can be provided free of charge. However, fans were thrilled with the news as it was then confirmed that a new surprise would arrive in the next phase. Defined by the CEO as a "space bomb".

Until further details are available probably Steins; Gate will only be free for Japanese fans, while here it is possible to watch the series on VVVVID streamed with Italian dubbing. There's also the live action of Steins to wait for; Gate, a project that received a lot of attention.

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