Taking responsibility for the completion of a job such as berserk it's definitely an achievement. Kouji Mori, a dear friend of Miura, and the artists of Gaga studio have taken on this burden and restarted the manga with chapters 365 and 366. A return appreciated by many fans, to the point of creating extraordinary works of art dedicated to Gatsu.

In anticipation of how the staff will bring the Black Warrior's dramatic story to life, however, according to the original idea, the Kentaro Miura Shared with Mori herself, the manga's return caused readers to have a mixed reaction. On the one hand we find the readers who are particularly attached to the original style of the master and who want to remain faithful to an author's work in every drawing and in the smallest detail, on the other hand they discredit the work of the team enthusiastic enthusiastswho happily welcomed the return of the series.

The second group includes artist @De_rVert, author of the stunning artwork you can see at the bottom of the page. Excited about the arrival of the new Berserk chapters, the user would have made one Fanart dedicated to Gatsu wearing the iconic Berserker armorand the bloodied dragon slayer on his shoulders.

Finally, remember that one of the designers spoke about the production and we leave you on the release date of Chapter 367 of Berserk.

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