beasts It's one of those titles that managed to excite, move and make the Netflix community think, despite the technical sector. Studio Orange is one of the most famous realities in the field of anime in CGI and the result culminated in two first seasons that were satisfying in many ways.

For example, in our review of Beastars Season 2, we highlighted the excellent ability of the staff to adapt the manga's second story arc, which continues to validate the series a real gem from Netflix. The American giant has obviously not missed the opportunity to adapt the story to the end to announce the production of a third and final season last year.

However, since last December, information on the matter has been arriving sporadically until, in the last few hours, the official confirmation of the Beastars 3 release date. Barring unforeseen events, therefore, the latest episodes of the anime will arrive on Netlfix during the year 2024. We still have to wait more than a year to know how the story will end, but we encourage you to keep following us to keep up to date with the latest news.

And you, on the other hand, are eagerly awaiting the latest episodes? Let us know with a comment below.

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