Batman: the historical writer Dennis O & # 039; Neil leaves us at the age of 81

Dennis O'Neil has been a key figure in the editorial history of Batman. His contribution, first as a screenwriter in the 70s and then as an editor in the 90s, helped to solidify the character's status. Unfortunately, today he left us at the age of 81.

According to his family, his disappearance is due to causes of natural origin. During his run on Batman, the writer wanted to bring the Dark Knight back to a dimension closer to his roots, re-proposing those gothic, bloodthirsty and pulp elements that had made him unique in the superhero landscape.

O'Neil also worked on the characters of Green Lantern and Green Arrow, also here carrying out a renewal to make them attractive to a new generation of readers. Often the stories centered on these characters contained burning issues, such as racism, poverty and several other topics rarely addressed by the writers of the time.

Dennis O'Neil was born in May 1939, curiously the same month Batman made his debut on the pages of Detective Comics. He began his career in the world of comics as an assistant to Stan Lee, in the mid-1960s, later moving to Charlton Comics and finally to DC.

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