The consequences that the Dark Nights: Death Metal series has for the DC Comics universe and especially for Gotham City are devastating and keep promising interesting developments that will surprise all fans of the stories of Batman .

With many versions of Bruce Wayne from the far corners of the Dark Multiverse, such as the Batman who laughs and the very special Batman / T-Rex, the series originally written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo, has received several special volumes examining these characters as well as other interesting news in the world of the Dark Knight.

in the Legends of the Dark Knights In fact, we saw that not only did we explore the origins of the terrible Robin King, but we saw the Bat Castle for the first time. In the fourth story in the volume, written by Tieri, Francavilla, and Design, we are shown one Gotham City exhausted from chaoswith Arkham Asylum patients at large and prominent villains ready to wage war on Batman.

We then see a very specific scene after a discussion between Batman, who is actually Damian Wayne, and a more adult version of Bruce Wayne who decides to perform a strange ritual, found on an old tape that Gotham residents had done centuries earlier to strengthen ties with the city.

Damian is immediately against old Bruce's plan, and he hugs him, then kills him with a batarang. Bruce is increasingly convinced: "To save my city ... now I have to become my city. I've always been and I will always be Gotham. " With that said, the story ends and you can watch the final table at the bottom of the news.

It's kind of a metaphor that helps define Batman's relationship with Gotham City after the night his parents died. Recall that Batman got a new costume in the Joker War and that the Dark Knight will soon take on Batman Beyond.

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