The DC Comics literary universe brought to light the classic Bruce Wayne "bat suit" in the 1960s. In volume # 1041 of Detective Comics, deprived of its resources Batman returns to wear the costume that made him an icon of the comic book world.

As the artist Dan Mora revealed, Batman is wearing his again classic blue-gray costume, a suit Bruce Wayne hadn't worn in over two decades. It all happened in "The Jury," the first part of the new narrative arc in the Detective Comics series.

To gave up the Wayne family fortune At the end of the events of Joker War, Batman is forced to operate without his infinite economic resources. Stripped of his gadgets and sophisticated technological means, Bruce seeks help from Oracle, which warns him of an "old escort near a dock."

Once on the website, Batman gets his plus iconic costume, the classic with gray-blue tones and the yellow oval logo, worn in the sixties. This first bat costume made its debut in "The Mystery of the Menacing Mask," a 1964 story, and had its last appearance in the late 1990s when the bat suits took on a noticeably darker tone.

Did you like this return to the past? We leave you to a Batman cosplay reminding you that the Bat Man is at the center of a controversy; Tim Drake is bisexual.

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