The author of Pink Heart Jam breaks manga because of illegal translations

The author can use his Twitter account Shikke announced on October 16 that the publication of the second chapter of the BL manga was canceled, Pink heart jambecause various illegal sites published the unauthorized English translation of his work. The statement detailed that the manga, written and illustrated by Shikke, was illegally uploaded "countless times" to "pirate sites" as well as to Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

The Creator wrote: "This makes it very difficult for this manga to be serialized as it is painful and frustrating for me to watch them upload my work and do what they want.". Shikke asked the readers"Enjoy the manga within the legal limits".

In fact, the author added that the second chapter of the manga Pink Heart Jam is already ready for publication. However, he came to the conclusion to cancel serialization under the circumstances. The statement detailed that Shikke and the magazine Mild kiss You are currently working on an official translation of the work.

Eventually Shikke started publishing the manga in the digital magazine Mild kiss from the publisher Shueisha last August 25th. The story revolves around a student named Haiga who wants to get closer to his classmate Kanae after seeing him play the guitar.

Source: Official Twitter account

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