The proposal by the American giant Netflix of new projects related to Japanese animation continues undaunted. In this regard, the violent and bloody second season of Baki is now available on the catalog of the streaming on-demand portal.

After about a year from the airing of the second part of season 1, which we analyzed in our review of the anime, exciting new fights are preparing to accompany the spectators in the second series of Baki, entitled for the occasion "The great saga of the Raitai tournament", as the anime will cover the events of the narrative arc" Raitai Tournament ".

But the epic will even go on, as the producers have confirmed that the second season will also adapt the saga "Kami no Ko Gekitotsu"(The Clash of the Children of Gods). In any case, starting today, it will be possible to witness the new wave of struggles without rules on the Netflix portal. The distributor also warns that for health needs it has not been possible complete the dubbing in time, which is why the series is only available in the original language with Italian subtitles. We also remind you that among our pages the new Baki opening is available which we strongly recommend you to listen before immersing yourself in the vision .

And are you interested in this sequel? Let us know, as always, with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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