Pokémon: will we ever see Ash’s father? Here is an old promise from the director

Among the many mysteries that still need an answer regarding the imaginary of the Pokémon there is neither one in particular who for decades has lacked an answer, namely the identity of Ash's father. Among the numerous theories that concern him, a 2008 interview with the director of the first series stands out, who answered a question on the subject.

The Pocket Monsters franchise has a long and troubled history that, despite the authors' attempts, has always remained anchored to Ash as the protagonist. At the time, in fact, Takeshi Shudo he wanted to replace the character with a more mature protagonist, an idea that however was never accepted by the staff. Regarding the authors' attempt to replace Ash, or eventually make him grow, a 2008 interview stands out with the director of the first series and numerous films of the brand, as well as collaborator with other projects related to the franchise, albeit not under his direction, Masamitsu Hidaka.

The director, therefore, would have answered a question about the mysterious father of Ash. Hidataka responded by first naming the protagonist's grandfather, a great Trainer who traveled the world long and long long ago. This thirst for adventure pushed his son, as well as Ash's future dad, to take the same path. After that, the director added that the protagonist's parent would only appear when the staff made the decision to "To make grow"Ash as the protagonist. The director, in fact, revealed that it is not excluded that his father may appear within the anime one day.

To date, we still have no news of any kind, as the profits of The Pokémon Company do not portend such an important narrative turn. However, we are sure that one day, maybe on the occasion of a film, we will finally get to know this mysterious character. And you, however, what do you think of these statements? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below.

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