After more than a year of publication My hero academia seems to have completed the bloody battle between heroes and villains. Between return and sacrifice, injuries, births and discoveries, the narrative arc created by Kohei Horikoshi has experienced many battles that will shape the next world of manga.

The end of the war of My Hero Academia is found in chapter 295. Mr. Compress's contribution was fundamental to Free spinner, dabi and especially shigaraki. As the magician tries to win seconds by blocking Mirio Togata and Best Jeanist, Spinner thinks back to everything that happened. As a gesture, he takes one of Shigaraki's wrong hands and places it on his mouth.

This seemingly useless gesture is used for the Awakening of all for one. Apparently everything was in the plans of the villain who, with his power, manages to attract and control the Nomu and save the bodies of Shigaraki, Spinner, Dabi and Toga. The group is led away when All for One congratulates Shigaraki on choosing such reliable companions while increasing his hatred.

The only one trying to respond to this escape is Deku thanks to the Black Whip. However, the hero who recently woke up is sent back by All for One, who announces that there will be another fight with him. Deku is stopped but thinks back to Shigaraki's face and how he asked for help. The League of Villains escapes and the bloody war ends. With the end of this arc, My Hero Academia could enter the final phase of the story.

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