The winter 2023 schedule led to the debut of the Ayakashi Triangle adaptation, a highly anticipated ecchi anime based on the manga by Kentaro Yabuki. However, a few weeks after its debut, the Aniplex series went on hiatus. here you are when the ayakashi triangle is aired again.

Ayakashi Triangle had been halted due to Covid-19, which has returned to scare the Japanese anime industry in recent weeks. Well, that though the Epidemic crisis seems to be overthe staff working on the series have promised the anime will return soon.

Aniplex has overcome the problems arising from the recent Covid-19 flu epidemic and returns to publishing its series. There Ayakashi Triangle will resume airing from March 6th, the day that the fifth episode of the anime will be released. The sixth episode will air the following week, March 13th. At this point the series breaks off again.

The The seventh episode of Ayakashi Triangle will not be released on March 20th, as a recap of the first six episodes airs that day. Another special will appear the following week. It is not yet known when Ayakashi Triangle Episode 7 will be broadcast Production is suffering from the negative effects of the pandemic. Hopefully the programming will be stable again for at least the month of April 2023.

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