After several editions, the avenger is preparing to finish the final narrative arc dedicated to the character of Khonshu and Moon Knight to begin a new one. However, the new saga doesn't open without the spectacular death of one of the opera's main villains. This is who it is.

Marvel Comicsconfirmed the end of the saga with the introduction of the 38th edition "Age of Khonshu"and the beginning of"Enter the phoenix"The transition won't be gradual, however, as a twist will close the stage for one of the show's antagonists. Mephistoand provides a brief introduction to one of the impending threats to the Avengers.

In fact, several people had already anticipated his death. Just think of one of the scenes from the 34th publication, in which a scene showed the death of Mephisto by Moon Knight while holding Mjolnir. Moon Knight himself then added that "That would be the end of Mepihsto"Even if Khonshu's answer has not finally completed its cycle. In any case, the new saga will start with a bang, although little information about the" Enter the Phoenix "saga has been leaked so far.

And instead, what do you expect from the new story arc, are the Avengers ready to face more hard blows? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this with a comment below.

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