The last season of attack on Titan it brought about many changes in the lives of the survivors of the Reconnaissance Army. The Rumbling's terrifying advance has prompted Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and the others to charge ever faster towards the Colossal Giants, demonstrating their extraordinary abilities with three-dimensional maneuvering devices.

As a fundamental part of the Armata Recognitiva's armament, the device has been presented since the first chapters of the manga and has become even more present in the fourth season of the anime in the distinctive design of each character. Hajime Isayama actually took the opportunity of the time warp and the final war to put some on Changes in the designs of the protagonistsand continued to praise their harnesses, weapons, and blades needed to bring down the giants.

Therefore, given the popularity of the series and the approach to the grand finale in the second installment of the third part of the Final Season, Bandai has presented a special replica dedicated to the blades used by the protagonists. Coming out in August 2023, just before the end of the anime, the Super Hard Blade Complete Edition It consists of a faithful replica of the sword with the unique pistol-shaped handle, the two trigger levers and the lever for interacting with the other parts of the maneuvering device. For those interested in the replica, it is already possible to book it at Price of $110about 102 euros at the current exchange rate.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Finally, we remind you that Isayama has revealed more details about the series and leave you with our review of Attack on Titan Final Chapters 1.

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