Attack on Titan: Mikasa’s new look leaves fans breathless

On the fourth and final season of the anime from Attack of the Giants absent and less and to cheer the wait, the franchise's official Twitter profile has released a new spectacular poster.

As confirmed by Crunchyroll and Funimation, Attack of the Giants 4 will arrive later this year, with December looking the most suitable month for release. This new season will complete the adventures of the charismatic protagonists and will come full circle that began in 2013.

Waiting for the new episodes, the official Twitter account of the anime The Attack of the Giants shared a new poster Presentation of members of the Scout Army who survived a devastating attack by the Titans in the season three finale.

The tweet it went viral in a short time, with Mikasa's new look that dominates the scene. Unlike the classic brown jacket she's been using for us so far, in season four the girl will be wearing a black combat suit and be outfitted with crazy gear. The female protagonist is even considered a better figure than Levi, who is now the protagonist of a loyal cosplay from The Attack of the Giants. And what do you think of Mikasa's new look? Is she really a better leader than Levi?

The work of Hajime Isayama it will also arrive in Italy, although it is not yet known which streaming platform will be used. It is likely that VVVVID, which has already dealt with the first three series, will take care of sales in our area.

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