The leap in quality that the MAPPA study made in the fourth season of the attack on Titan has raised fans' expectations for the third and final installment, scheduled for release in 2023. Pending updates, the ONIRI studio has returned several years with a magnificent statue dedicated to an important Mikasa fight.

there Final Season was marked by a radical change of perspective, which projects both protagonists and spectators into Marley's nation. There, Eren and his companions faced different challenges than usual, and Mikasa played a particularly significant role, particularly in the most recently released episodes where he once again demonstrated his preparation and coldness on the battlefield, and succeeded kills his former allies who have become ardent Jaegerists.

But if you remember what had happened some time before, when the protagonists were still unaware of the truth and the existence of a world beyond the borders of Paradis, Mikasa was still among the best soldiers. That Artists from the studio ONIRI have decided to pay homage to her by creating the spectacular statue you can see below, where Ackerman faces the armored giant or Reiner Braun directly.

The statue, 40 centimeters high and meticulously cared for, is due to be launched between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 and can already be pre-ordered on the manufacturer's website for a total price of 699 euros. Let us know what you think in the comments. Finally we leave you a faithful cosplay of Mikasa and the announcement of a prestigious set of Attack on Titan cards.

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