Thanks to the achieved effect and popularity of attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama has quickly become one of the most followed mangaka in the world. His participation in the NYC 2022 anime in a panel dedicated to the series proved full of revelations and details on the production and many of the inspirations behind Eren Jaeger's story.

Thanks to the continuous updates from fans on social media, of which you will find several posts at the bottom of the page, we can understand all the information shared by the author on the occasion of the Questions and Answers will be organized during the event American. First off, Isayama revealed that the work was originally titled Humanity Vs Titans, a title that would have foreshadowed the truth about the Children of Ymir and the discrimination against the Marley nation long before time.

He intended to make the story more violent and bloody, but he had to constantly think about the story and the changes needed. To the create new characters, Isayama starts drawing her and once he understands her design, he starts thinking about her character. During the arc in Marley, the mangaka admitted that he was captured by Game of Thrones to the point where he created the character of Gabi uses Arya Stark as inspiration. Falco, on the other hand, would be based on Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

The writer admitted that he was impressed by the performance of Yuki Kaji, Eren's voice actor, which made him believe that the protagonist was really a good guy. Before closing, with a message from Thanks to the fans around the world, Isayama revealed who his favorite character on the show is: Jean. Let us know what you think of these Attack on Titan tidbits in the comments below.

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