A ten-year cycle is about to end in which the onslaught of the giants began with a child Eren, possessed by the terrifying power of the giants, and who instead now sees a mature Eren Jaeger, ready to destroy the world, if he does not come stopped in time. The anime of Attack on Titan comes with the finale.

The trailer of Attack on Titan 4 Final Part Part 1 released by the official channels a few days ago has revealed what will happen and who are the protagonists of this phase that arrives in a few hours. On March 3, 2023 at 24:25 - according to Japanese transmission method, which would correspond to 00:25 on March 4, 2023 - Attack on Titan 4 will be broadcast with the long hour-long episode of this first part of the finale. A full-fledged mini TV movie that transports viewers back to this world of fear and violence.

All surviving characters will inevitably be involved, some in support of Eren and others lavishly in an attempt to stop a global genocide. To keep fans even more excited, MAPPA production has started a countdown featuring the characters from Attack on Titan. This time, at -1 since its release in Japan, it was the turn's turn Commander Hangi Zoe and Captain Levi Ackermanthe two most visible faces of the Reconnaissance Army and who will once again have the obligation to make tough decisions.

The image below shows her in a fairly neutral pose, with Hangi standing next to a seated Levi, who instead, partially blindfolded, is in the process of tweaking his gear. The The grand finale of Attack on Titan is upon us.

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