Dragon Ball great has decided to take a break from the usual adventures of Goku and Vegeta, the two protagonists that anime and manga have been monopolizing for years. The two Saiyajins have temporarily given way to earthly adventures, other protagonists are struggling with everyday and therefore minor problems.

While Goku refines the ultra instinct and Vegeta refines the ultra ego, Earth did two young Goths and Trunks who, while moving on with their high school lives, also made a space for themselves to be heroes. The purpose of this Dragon Ball Super connection was to frame the events of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was released in Japanese cinemas in 2022. So Toyotaro narrated some events in a prequel that only lasted three chapters, with the two young Saiyans as protagonists.

But it really has made sense of this prequel to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in the manga? All in all, the events are not of great depth and there is very little that impressed. Besides introducing some of the school atmosphere that was missing in Gohan's teenage years, this prequel had the merit of highlighting the lives of Goten and Trunks, their goals, and their powers. In fact, this is just a necessary first step to bring her back to the manga centrally in the future.

Although the two only had a brief opportunity to show themselves grown and with enhanced abilities, they will be two warriors who can do it Join the unbeatable parents in other future Dragon Ball Super battles. But now we have to see how Piccolo and Gohan will fare in the next saga, this time a direct adaptation of Super Hero.

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