The fourth season ofAttack of the giants Currently underway, and despite the numerous controversies that deeply tarnish and the MAPPA study, the narrated events turn out to be more delicate than expected given the drastic change in character of Eren, the protagonist of an incredible fan video.

The cold and brutality of Eren Jaegerwhich even led him to pose as a retired soldier in the Marley nation, approach a boy, Falco, and then launch a surprise attack on the leaders, aided by an ambush by his Research Corps colleague. The characteristics that distinguish this character his strength, his pride and his tenacity, urged user @ Yumsquid27 to share the incredible video that you can find below on Reddit.

With great talent, the enthusiast showed the community what it would look like a face-to-face confrontation between Eren, who was turned into the attacking giant, and the prince of Saiyans, especially his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z when he still had the original combat armor and tail. Two characters who have evolved more than the others over the course of their respective series, albeit in completely different ways the darkness that was gradually clouding Eren's mindand the kindness that seems to have prevailed over Saiyan nature in Vegeta.

The video doesn't show a winner, but what do you think? Who would win between the two? Would Vegeta try to transform into Oozaru to face Eren on "equal terms"? Let us know with a comment below. Keep in mind that the official MAPPA studio account has apparently been hacked, and we're leaving you to the explosive preview of Episode 7 which arrives January 25th.

Eren vs Vegeta Fan Animation! by r / ShingekiNoKyojin

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