According to a mysterious rule, a Titan Shifter can only live thirteen years after gaining his powers. The protagonist of The attack of the giants it has more than one power: how long does it have to live?

Ymir's Curse dictates that the Titan Shifters can only live for thirteen years after acquiring their powers. This information was revealed in Chapter 88 of the attack on Titan manga after the Boy Scouts uncovered the secrets hidden in the basement of Eren's children's home. According to Grisha Jaeger, people who eat titans receive their powers in exchange for a drastic reduction in their lifespan. The legend of the first titan, Ymir Fritz, describes how his life lasted only thirteen years; since then nobody has crossed that limit.

Hajime Isayama's manga, chapter 130, explains to readers that Eren is staying only four years of age. However, this information spawned several theories developed by fans. The truth about Eren's life span depends entirely on the answer to one question: does possessing more powers than the titans extend life beyond 13 years? According to fans, there is a lot of evidence to support this hypothesis, but just as much to deny it.

To understand how much time Eren has left, we must first analyze the case of Grisha Jaeger. Grischa gained the power of the attacking titan and before the end of her thirteen years that of the founding titan of Frieda Reiss. By the time she was thirteen, Grisha didn't seem as exhausted as other characters, so fans thought she had overcome Ymir's curse. Unfortunately, there was no way to find out as he gave his son his powers.

According to this theory, Eren could be too exempted from the 13-year rule. However, his alleged immunity may have been challenged by the fact that the protagonist simultaneously gained the power of two titans. This dilemma remains unsolved until the end of the series. The attack of the giants could end in Eren's death. Let's wait to find out what to expect from Chapter 134 about the Giants' attack.

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