Michelle Sugimoto, animation director at BNA: Brand new animal is promise Chosen by MAPPA to oversee the final episode of The Attack of the Giants, he created a lovely sketch of Gabi to celebrate the release of episode 11, which is now available in Japan and North America.

Like every week MAP released a sketch by the animation director and a keyframe of the episodeto thank the fans and celebrate the success of the episode. Episode 11 has about two more chapters adapted, and at this point it seems practically certain that the season will end with the implementation of Chapter 116. This week NHK will reveal the titles of the next episodes.

Aside from the great sketch showing Gabi fighting a horse, given that we are still waiting for more information on the future of The Attack of the Giants 4 MAPPA will shortly confirm how the adjustment will be completed. The expected announcement date is March 28 at 4:30 p.m. during the Anime Japan 2021 attack phase, organized in conjunction with the release of the season finale.

We remind you that season 4 will consist of 16 episodes and that the eleventh will be available in Japanese with subtitles in Japanese from Tuesday 23 February in Italy. VVVVID and Prime Video also publish the episodes in simuldub.

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