There is no longer any room to hesitate, there is no longer any room for feelings. With the leap in time of several years and which has also shown us the world beyond the sea, The attack of the giants has entered its final phase and that can mean nothing else than the final battle between Eren Jaeger and his longstanding enemies.

Eren left the island of Paradis and infiltrated the enemies in Marley to find refuge in Liberio. He took advantage of the young and naive Falco and managed to prepare an attack on the occasion of Willy Tybur's speech. The landlord, who is currently in possession of the giant hammer, has declared the beginning of a world war against the island's demons, but Eren is not intimidated and reacts practically immediately by killing Willy and launching the attack on Liberio.

While the battle continued with the giant hammer, members of the Scout Army under Mikasa, Levi, Sasha, Connie and Jean also returned. Everyone does their part to defeat the armed forces stationed in Liberius and, above all, to defeat the nearby giants. And only with Attack of the Giants 4x07 entitled "The Assault" is now available on VVVVID With Italian subtitles, we see this bloody and meaningful battle that will forever change the fate of all anime characters.

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