The first part of the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants. An ending the conclusion of which is absolutely unknown as Studio MAPPA stopped with the beginning of the last fight between Marley and Eldia with an absolute protagonist, Eren Jaeger. In fact, there will be other episodes to complete the story.

Attack of the Giants 4 Part 2 will arrive in the next winter season how many episodes will it consist of? The first part of the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants was divided into 16 episodes, which were adapted from volume 23 (chapter 91) to half of volume 29 (chapter 116) for a total of six and a half volumes or 26 chapters.

How much remains to be adjusted in the anime? The story of Hajime Isayama just ended with 34 volumes and 139 chapters plus a few extra pages. This means that five and a half volumes or 23 chapters still have to be adapted. Given that many of these chapters are full of action, it is possible that MAPPA Studio can customize anything in 12 or 13 episodes without too many problems or cuts. Reaching 16 is difficult, while not impossible, but a lot depends on how much research into certain topics is.

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