It goes on The attack of the giants 4 End of the first confrontation of the new war between the Isle of Paradis and the nation of Marley. Let's see together which characters are most searched for on the series wiki.

The most recent episodes of the animated adaptation of Hajime Isayama's manga have shocked fans with numerous twists and turns. In a short period of time, Attack of the Giants 4 has become a trending topic and it's this popularity that has greatly influenced that Wiki statistics hosted by the web service managed by Fandom.

The list shared by Attack on the Titan Wiki, reported in the tweet at the bottom of this news item, presenting some strange results from an analysis conducted on February 1st. First place seems like the most surprising that it was earned with all nine original giants their site received 2.04 million views.

Then he gets second place Eren, which also wins the first of the human characters, has been visited 1.90 million times. The boy in this new season appears changed greatly Compared to the previous ones and recently we wondered if the protagonist of The Attack of the Giants 4 has become a villain.

The third position was reached by Levi, followed by Zeke. The individual giants that we can see in the ranking include the founder and the hammer.

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