In the latest episodes of The attack of the giants 4 War has broken out between the nation of Marley and the Eldians of Paradis Island. These last years made the first step and while the devastation reigns in the Liberio camp, one warrior stands out from the attack giant.

According to a four-year time jump Eren and Reiner met again in a cellar under the stage, where the talk of Willy Tybur. During this meeting, the protagonist's former comrade-in-arms was visibly frightened and asked his interlocutor to end his life. Unfortunately, however, when the head of the Tybur family declared war on the island's residents Eren's attack begins Who destroyed the Liberian camp and faced the strongest titans in an epic battle in the last published episode of Attack of the Giants 4.

In favor of the attack giant, the soldiers of theScout Army which in a short time turned off the giant animal and the chariot. Later, the protagonist managed to take possession of the titanium hammer and topple the lower jaw. As we can see in the tweet reported at the bottom of this news, the episode ends with the arrival of a new warrior in defense of Galliard who is none other than Purer than the armored giant. The last part of the video instead shows the preview of the eighth episode of The Attack of the Giants 4 where I remember there is a twist.

During the battle, the owner of the tank remained only partially transformed However, after he managed to defend Falco from the collapse of the building caused by Eren, he remained in an almost unconscious state and it was the screams of young Marleyan and Gabi that did so give him the will to stand up and protect your comrades.

It is therefore likely that there will be a conflict between the attack giant and the armored giant in the next part of the story. What do you think about it? Are you looking forward to witnessing this fight? Let us know in the comments.

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