Although the monster faction has been almost completely eliminated, so many unanswered questions remain in One-Punch Man. Saitama had to quarrel with his neighbors, but unfortunately for the other Class A heroes, this challenge was not optimally solved. However, the protagonist may find himself enmeshed in something else.

Fubuki's arrival heralded a psychic challenge with Psykos, who was imprisoned in the dungeons. And that's exactly what he focuses on One Punch Man 176, the new chapter of the manga drawn by Yusuke Murata. Saitama and the others continue down the elevator while a flashback takes place that takes you back in time. "Epicenter" begins to tell i Story of Fubuki and Psykos, the latter being an ordinary girl at first but focusing on the activities of her psychic club. After deciding to increase his powers and learn the Third Eye ability, Psykos begins to freak out about the future of humanity. Reunited with Psykos after the battle, Fubuki sees a glimpse of the future.

In the present, the Tsukuyomi soldier is blocked by Fubuki, while Tatsumaki also arrives in the area, apparently angry at Psykos. In reality, as another flashback explains, since in the past it was Tsukuyomi who kidnapped Tatsumaki, the two sisters had agreed to create some sort of play. However, the soldier doesn't fall for it, so the two sisters start fighting with him to free Psykos, but in the meantime, Saitama falls into the void due to a rift created by the collision.

So the hero of One-Punch Man finds himself several floors below, in a safe room full of demon-level monsters all ready to rip him to pieces. Will the protagonist escape unscathed? Probably yes, since he just thinks it's okay to keep Rover at the shelter with all those monsters there. The next chapter of One-Punch Man will be released in January 2023.

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