Maintaining a large social site like Microsoft's has got to be especially interesting, especially when you are debating the next ramifications with fans ONE PIECE. If you've winked at that statement, you are ready to know who will be the 11th member of the Mugiwara, according to the Bill Gates giant.

Unieuro's social media manager undoubtedly holds a prominent place among the marketing geniuses who have managed to go viral online several times thanks to his hilarious posts. The social side of Microsoft on Twitter does not want to be outdone in terms of communication and took the opportunity to express his opinion on the subject in response to a fan about the next candidate for the last vacancy on Luffy's crew.

According to the Redmond Giant "Yamato, like Oden, could be an ambassador for WanoSo who knows if it will be Yamato who will join Luffy's ranks, following the same fate as Oden, who among other things later became commander of Whitebeard's second division. We just have to wait for the next. Chapter To find out Whether or not Microsoft's prediction has proven correct, we recommend that you check out our detailed special on the 11th member of Muiwara in the meantime.

However, who do you think will join Luffy's crew between Carrot and Yamato? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this in the section devoted to comments.

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