There are still a few days left before it becomes available on various platforms The attack of the giants 4 and the production staff decided to start a countdown by showing some sketches. Let's see the first.

The fourth season of the animated version of Hajime Isayama's manga will be broadcast in Japan from Japan December 7th. At the same time, many distributors from different countries will provide the highly anticipated anime. With us in Italy it will be VVVVID to offer us the opportunity to follow The Attack of the Giants 4 from December 8th. The fans and the staff are very excited Study MAP, who took over Wit Studio in the production of the series, decided to create one countdown We present ourselves a new drawing every day until we can finally enjoy the animations of the new adaptation.

We can observe this in the tweet reported at the end of the message first sketch, published 7 days after the big event and designed by Manabu Akita, the animation director. In the picture we see some of the new characters that will soon be shown to us in the anime.

Unfortunately, many fans were concerned after the announcement of the animation studio change Not many details were released from the same to the work now imminent. Under the latest news I am reporting on the first images that MAP made available of the armored giant in CGI.

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