It's been a while since Atsushi Okubo finished Fire Force. After Soul Eater, the mangaka has managed to establish itself in a new reality and definitely offers the readers an entertaining story that has achieved some successes around the world also thanks to the anime. Fire Force remains one of the certainties hones of the last few years.

Shinra Kusakabe has joined a division that has seen among its ranks many special and strange characters, each with their own personality. But all are inevitably connected to a world of flames that are exploited in various ways. in the fire department Crucial is the use of this elemental power, which some characters use more than others. Those who follow the anime will be able to catch up on the events when Fire Force Season 3 is released. Many characters will inevitably return, like the mighty Maki Oze.

The 19-year-old from Fire Force Company 8 is one of the most prominent women in Atsushi Okubo's manga and anime. Dubbed the "Queen of Witches," she has now come to life on Instagram thanks to the work of Cyber ​​​​​​Stephanie. The model presents her Fire Force Maki Oze cosplay in costume and with part of the uniform of the special fire brigade while he started the flames all around.

For opera fans, don't miss the meeting with the author at Lucca Comics.

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