The debut of the fourth season ofAttack of the giants presented new characters, including the promising Pieck, in possession of the giant car. In the final chapter of the manga created by Hajime Isayama, the young Eldian girl who became a soldier for the Marley Nation showed the true potential of her giant form.

Eren Jaeger unleashes the power of the ancestral giantThanks to this, he was able to wake up earlier versions of the nine giants and face the new research corps, which was made up of the protagonist's now old friends Armin and Mikasa and new members like Reiner and Pieck. In the past The giant chariot was used to carry objects and people Thanks to the mobility and resistance that characterize it, mobility has also made Pieck extremely dangerous.

That is Eren's ultimate goal eliminate anyone who does not have Ymir's blood in their veinsIn addition to emphasizing the former protagonist's madness, it has sparked general concern in the community about Levi's survival after the final battle. However, Pieck seems to be able to cause Jaeger many problems by not only avoiding numerous attacks, but also kill several giants in a short timethanks to its speed, as can be seen in the table below.

Recall that Eren's anger surfaced in the latest TV commercial, and we'll leave Isayama's words to the series finale.

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