Whether in anime or manga format, in merchandising or in other securities, one thing is certain: Demon Slayer will keep a record. With the support of the latest comeback in anime format in Japanese cinemas, the Demon Slayer manga broke another ONE PIECE record. But the film also makes its contribution.

After Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train grossed 4.62 billion yen on the first weekend, it shows its strength again. The feature film actually grossed 10.7 billion yen and this is a new record. After beating Matrix on debut Demon Slayer was the fastest film to hit the 10 billion yen milestoneincluding The Enchanted City of 2001. The Studio Ghibli film is the one that has earned the most in the history of Japanese cinema.

This is a very indicative number as it could mean that Miyazaki's record has been unbeaten in 19 years. could be rocked by Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train. Only time will tell if this can be achieved as the brand appears immune to any reluctance. The fact that he also managed to win the favor of the Japanese government shows his success and contribution.

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