The manga Shougakusei ga Mama Demo Ii desu ka?  come to an end

In this year's twelfth issue of the magazine Shonen Sirius monthly from the publisher Kodansha the last chapter of the manga written and illustrated by Arch Ditama, Shougakusei ga Mama Demo Ii desu ka?.

Shougakusei ga Mama Demo Ii desu ka?

Ditama started publishing the manga in Kodansha Publishing's monthly Shonen Sirius magazine in December 2017. The publisher released the third compiled volume in March last year and will release the fourth and final volume on December 4th in Japan.

Ditama is also the author of Manga like Kiss x sister, Mahoromatic, Maid Harem nante Yurushimasen! Dokuzetsu Tsun Tsun x Botsuraku Do M x Dark Elf, Super love potion Y. Touchan wa Itsumo Shigotobato name a few.

Synopsis of Shougakusei ga Mama Demo Ii desu ka?

The "moving reincarnation comedy" revolves around Takehiro Tokuyama, a man exhausted from his job in the video game industry. One day an elementary school student named Kokona appears in front of him and hugs him, which warms his heart and comforts him in a very nostalgic way. Takehiro is very concerned that someone might think they have a fondness for Lolis. However, the girl turns out to be her born-again mother, and Takehiro's life changes significantly after that day.

Source: ANN

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