The world of the NBA welcomes many new players every year, all very young and therefore fully invested by the explosion of anime and manga over the last few decades. That goes without saying NarutoONE PIECE, Bleach and Dragon Ball are always on the minds of all fans and many have paid homage to them.

For example, it should be remembered how the NBA used a Naruto-style video to present the new season, adapting one of the openings with all the most famous players of the most watched basketball league in the world. However, there were also individual players who, in one way or another have expressed their passion for anime and manga through special accessories, personalized shoes and t-shirts, posts on Instagram and more.

In the past, Zion Williamson had taken the field in an anime-style leotard that had Naruto, ONE PIECE, and other characters printed on it. The same player was lucky enough to receive a custom drawing designed by none other than Masashi Kishimoto himself. Mangaka has decided to work with the Jordan brand gave Zion Williamson a drawing in which the NBA player becomes a Naruto character.

A unique tribute that made Zion very happy and also recalled the motto of the blond ninja of Konoha and posted the shot in the tweet below.

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