An investigation on the animation to the times of the Coronavirus confirms: “times have doubled”

Japanese animation is facing one of the biggest challenges the industry has ever faced in recent years. The Covid-19, in fact, has influenced the production of the television series to the point that numerous projects have been postponed to a date to be destined.

However, thanks to the lifting of the state of emergency in Japan, the situation is gradually returning to normal, although the industry is facing the aftermath of the crisis. The investigation proposed by the portal Mantan Web, who contacted numerous studies to get a clearer picture of the phenomenon, brought to light the gravity of the situation. The biggest problems, in fact, are found in companies that have not yet gone entirely to digital, significantly delaying controls and communication. Currently, according to the data reported by the companies, production times are "duplicated" and, in some cases, even tripled.

A similar fate has fallen on dubbing component, a crucial role in the animation industry, as due to the sanitary ordinance on social distancing shifts decreased with more work sessions. Inevitably, this caused another series of chain delays about the production of the series. Furthermore, some members of some of the animation studios considered the situation so critical that it could push the industry into a necessary long-awaited revolution in the sector.

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