About twenty years ago, artist and illusionist Uri Geller sued Nintendo, claiming that the Pokémon Kadabra unauthorized use of his identity and printing prohibited. But according to recent claims made by the TV personality, that ban now appears to be over.

Geller asked Nintendo for almost sixty million euros in compensation, as was the Psychic-type Pokémon Kadabra traceable to his identityà: from the way he handled and folded the spoons, a typical trick of the illusionist, to the same name. The Japanese katakana for the name Kadabra is, in fact, very similar to the translation of the name Geller in the same language. To support this, The Pokémon Company liked to quote actors or artists at the time. For the design of Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, for example, he was inspired by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

""Nintendo turned me into an evil and occult Pokémon character"Said Geller at the time and argued that the star on Kadabr's foreheada was of National Socialist origin. ""Nintendo stole my identity with my name and personal image. I want to tell the world that I have absolutely nothing to do with this violent character. "

Following these allegations, the Japanese company claimed not to do so never printed cards again Pokémon collectibles featuring Kadabra; The psychic guy was therefore gone from the game and its latest version, which was released in 2003, became one of the rarest, most expensive, and in demand.

At least until today. According to what Geller himself reported, he contacted Nintendo to ask a lifting of the ban. ""Due to the large number of requests that keep asking me to allow Nintendo to bring Kadabra back, I sent a letter to the President of Nintendo giving permission to restart the Kadabra card worldwide.".

Twenty years later, the pressure of the fans seems to have convinced Geller. With this "green light" Nintendo could decide to bring back Kadabra as well within the soul seriesta, which has been missing since 2006. In episode 48 of Pokémon Exploration, Team Rocket is still looking for Pikachu. Let's find out why Ash is always ten in the new Pokémon anime series.

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