Act age is the current Weekly Shonen Jump Home paradox. A series that has received significant uproar from critics and audiences since its debut and is soon to spark rumors of an anime in the pipeline. However, a sudden stop has completely erased the future of the manga that continues to be talked about.

In the past few days, comic book stores have confirmed a worrying trend to say the least, namely a sharp surge in Act Age sales, according to the author. Tatsuya Matsukiwas arrested for engaging in indecent acts against minors. The publication of the comic, which was finally struck from the magazine, and the co-author who was forced to lose her job and a prominent spot in the most coveted magazine within hours, took care of the cost of these actions. from every artist.

However, the increase in sales will soon have to deal with the availability of inventory, as indicated by a press release Shueisha announced that no issue will be published from Volume 13 and that no new editions of the previous Tankobons are allowed. A radical choice that affirms the editor's intentions of Remove the title from the history of the magazine and publisher. As if that weren't enough, all merchandising has suffered a similar setback as numerous buyer refund initiatives regarding pre-orders for calendars and themed items have already been muted.

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