the popular portal Anime! Anime! conducted a poll of its subscriber readers and asked them: "Which female character did you like the most in Winter 2023?» and has compiled the results in a recent article. This article contained an introduction that wrote:

«Two months have passed since the start of the season Winter-2023 (January-March). This season has a wide variety of characters including main characters, supporting characters and even some who appear only occasionally and manage to overshadow the protagonists. Many of our readers were instantly intrigued by these girls, but which one was the best?».

9. Lily - Spy Classroom [Empate]

9. Akiko Yosano - Bungou Stray Dogs [Empate]

7. Lieselotte Riefenstahl - Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte [Empate]

7. Erna - Spy Classroom [Empate]

5. Teruko Okura - Bungou Stray Dogs [Empate]

5. Anisphia Wynn Palletia - The magical revolution of the reborn princess and the brilliant young lady [Empate]

Winter 2023

4. Fuyutsuki-san - The Ice Guy and his cool colleague

Winter 2023

3.Yuzuha Shiba-Tokyo Revengers

Winter 2023

2. Nagisa Kubo - Kubo won't make me invisible

Winter 2023

1. Mahiru Shiina - The angel next door spoils me lazily

Winter 2023

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